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Conserving Water

One Drop at a Time

Water conservation is becoming increasingly important in Colorado.  At Headwaters Institute, we provide education and training that empowers you to conserve water utilizing rainwater harvesting. Join us as we conserve water one drop at a time. 

Let's pool our conservation efforts and keep more water in our rivers! 

We are now offering on-demand education in addition to our live classes and webinars! 

Classes and Webinars

Rain on Roof

Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting 

Learn how you can use rainwater to water your garden or plants at home. Rainwater harvesting is an easy way to conserve water and to utilize this free resource! 

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Rain Barrels 101 

Rain Barrel webinars are the perfect way to take the next step in rainwater harvesting at your home. You will receive an introduction to rainwater harvesting, and step-by-step instructions on how to install your rain barrel at home.

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Design Your Own Rain Garden

Learn how to create your own rain garden oasis! Rain gardens are beautiful gardens, full of native plants, that are watered only with the rain. During this workshop we will cover design, sizing, and plant choice to conserve water and save money on your water bill!

On-Demand Education


What is Rainwater Harvesting? 



Type of Rain Barrel System to Install



How to Install Your Rain Barrel



Rain Barrel Series


Includes: What is Rainwater Harvesting? Type of Rain Barrel System to Install, and How to Install your Rain Barel

Upcoming Live Workshops and Classes in 2021 - TBD

Partner Organizations

River Network

Watershed Management Group

Water Education Colorado 



Rain Barrels

Are you looking for a rain barrel? Check out our affiliate partner, Colorado Rain Catcher for great prices on DIY rain barrels,  ECO rain barrels, conversion kits, and more!

Rainwater Harvesting 

Front Range Water Programs and Rebates

You may be available for a rebate and water conservation programs and not even know it! Click on your water provider below to see what programs are available in your area.


(If you do not see your water provider, check back soon as additional water providers are being updated)